By Joan Fishman

Traveling through Germany just before the war—–Fear!  Hunger!  A quick glance around at the dinner table!  “Is the maid here? Wait til she goes.  We can’t talk now.  Even the walls have ears!”—–Tinkling silver and sparkling crystal laid out and the meager amount of food that means the host’s ration of food for days—–Gay, colorful music feats.  Lovely peasant dances under frosty blue skies with an undercurrent of —–Hate!  Suspicion…..Children playing in the streets.  Gay shouts.  Laughter!  Going home to the starved protectiveness of parents and no food…..Making a macabre game out of it…..Hunger!  Shining silver…..Suspicion…..crystal sparkling…..Fear…..Gay, peasant dances.  Hate…..Children playing…..”the walls have ears”…..Unrest…..

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