Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthyParaphrasing [T.S.Eliot?] there is nothing important in life  except birth, copulation and death.  Death has not yet happened but copulation has, yielding two forty-ish kids, and four grandkids ranging in age from five to thirteen.  (A friend once remarked that if, during your first year of marriage, you put a bean in a jar every time you and your wife do The Wild Thing, then in subsequent years you will never empty the jar.  He was completely wrong.)

The Somewhat Longer Version:

Born in 44.  Early years in NYC, in Little Italy.  Manumit summer camp in 49 and 51.  Other summers with my grandparents in the San Fernando Valley.  In public schools till Manumit — student from January of 54 through the spring of 57.  Then Rhodes Prep, where I met my wife-to-be.  We went steady at sixteen, we graduated in three years.  Then we went to NYU for four years, marrying at nineteen.  We are still married.

I worked for Applied Data Research in NJ for six years, peripherally involved with some issues for No Such Agency.  (Had to get a Top Secret clearance for that stuff.)  Then a year of medical school at NJ College of Medicine (couldn’t take Saturday nights on the Newark emergency ward).  Then ten years with Digital Equipment Corp in MA.  Then twenty years as an entrepreneur, starting three businesses.  Broke even on two of them, wiped out by the third.  (It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.  I don’t regret a thing.)  Currently pushing 62, working as office manager for my son’s small high tech startup.

The Hobbies

I am a deadly-serious user of Microsoft Flight Simulator.  With Virtual Delta Airlines I am a 757 First Officer and 727 Captain.  With Frontier Virtual I am an A319 Captain.  I tend to hand-fly the 727, which calls for skill, especially on approach and landing.

I have begun building model aircraft again, a hobby which I engaged in continuously from age four through age nineteen.  I built several models while at Manumit, often from kits purchased at the hobby shop on Main Street in Trenton.  Other kits I brought from NYC, purchased at the world’s highest-volume hobby shop, AHC.

The Summary

Jerry Garcia got it right:  What a long, strange trip it has been.