Susan Powers

Susan Powers

Sue Powers passed away 18 November 2010.

I recently saw John Herald’s obituary in the NY Times, and since then Manumit has been much on my mind, so I was pleased to receive a note from Aulay Carlson, whom I did not know, inviting me to add my information to this page. In hopes of hearing from some of you, Susan Powers Lagunoff

Sue Powers

I was pleased to hear from you and am very glad to add my name to the list. I was at Manumit for only two years, but it was a very memorable, interesting, and rewarding two years. I recognized several names on the home page, but no faculty from the time I was there, I think. I am amazed that Virginia does not have email or even a computer?! Like many an actress, she earned a living by other means for a while, and I think as a secretary and a very good one, but of course that was in the ancient days of the manual typewriter and carbon copies. I moved back to New York two years ago, and I expect several of the former students and faculty either live nearby or visit here, and I look forward to hearing from or seeing some of them. Thanks for putting this together. It must be a time-consuming job.