By Jack Evens


The all-clear is sounded.  Men, women and children come out of the air-raid shelter.  These people are Free French.  The planes that have just bombed them are British planes.  This is what Free France is like—your own friends bombing you.  But they understand!

The work is the same as before the war, except in one place which is the French underground.

Here we meet the leader of them, Paul, and one of his best friends, Jacques.  Jacques is to be sent on a mission for the underground.  We hear Paul say to Jacques, “Are you ready to go?

“Yes,” says Jacques.

“Do not forget where you are to meet the commandos” says Paul.  There is a dead silence.  Then Paul stands, takes Jacque”s hand, then leaves.  Jacques goes to say good bye to his girl, but then he remembers that he is not alone and turns in the other direction.

He is to meet the commandos up the coast about three miles.  It is about time to get going. He puts on warm clothes and starts.  As he walks many things run through his mind. about his girl, his friends and himself.  When he is about two miles from the town it is bombed.  Jacques stops and watches the burst of the bombs as they hit, and then goes on.

He reaches the spot and sits down.  He thinks of what he is to do when the commandos come.  There is a silence and then he realizes that somebody or something is near. It is the commandos.  He gets up and waits for them to land.  A faint voice comes out of the dark.  “Jacques!  Jacques!”  He goes to the beach and meets Captain Bean.  As their captain comes out the commandos come after him.  Without a sound they keep on walking, and then they go to a town.  Their mission for tonight is to get a high German captain.

They get through the town without a mishap.  Now they are in front of the German affairs’ house.  Two men are left outside to stand guard.  The rest went in.  There is a slight scuffling and then the commandos come out with the high German captain.  Their mission is almost done.

They start back to where their boat was.  As they go there is a

sound up the road.  It is German guard coming home.  The commandos back into an alley.

The Germans go by.  The commandos go onto their boats.  Jacques says good bye to captain Bean.

Jacques goes home to the town and to bed.  In the morning he will tell Paul.

The next morning he goes to the underground headquarters to tell Paul.  As he gets there he

sees a body.  It is Paul!  He has been killed in the bombing last night.  The British have

killed his best friend, while he was doing a job for them.  He goes home and says nothing

to anybody.  As he goes home he thinks his best friend killed!! Well, he died for a good


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