Staff & Student List 1927

The Manumit Year Book – 1927

[NOTE: Excerpts below selected and copied from printed document titled “The Manumit Year Book – 1927” a 38 page, 8-1/4” x 5” booklet also containing photos, brief group “histories,” and subject/area summaries written by staff. — Mike Speer – 12/06]

Manumit Faculty [p. 4-5]

Henry R. Linville, A.B. Kansas Univ. A.M., Ph.D. Harvard Univ. – Director
Nellie M. Seeds, A.B. Byrn Maur; Ph.D. Univ. of Penn. – Executive Secretary.
Leon E. Cartmell, A.B. George Washington Univ. A.M. Columbia. – Woodshop and Group Two Teacher.
Sarah N. Cleghorn, Radcliffe College. Writer of Verse and Fiction. – English and Group Three Teacher.
Margery Newcomb Wilson, A.B. Vassar, Pratt Institute. –  Special teacher in Arts and Crafts.
Charles H. Graves, B.S. Cornell University. – Natural Science and Group Six Teacher.
Susan M. dePeyster Graves, A.B. Adelphia College. – Dramatics and Group One Teacher.
William W. Biddle, A.B. Pomona College and Columbia. – Social Science and Group Four Teacher.
Louriede J. Biddle, A.B. Pomona College and Columbia. – Special Teacher in Music.
Wesley Eastman, A.B. Penn State A.M. Columbia. – Group Five Teacher.
Sidney Henderson S. C. Cornell Agriculture and Penn State. – Farm Superintendent.
George Hamilton, Ph.B Wesleyan College – Farm Helper.
Heinz Gechter, College of Agriculture Hamburg, Germany. – Farm Helper.
Annetta McLauren, B.S. Syracuse University. – Dietician.
Mary Loller – Cook.
Pauline Stoney, R.N. Harlem Hospital N.Y.C. – School Nurse
Einar Jensen, Denmark College of Agriculture. – Supt. Of Buildings and Grounds.

FORMER FACULTY LIST [p. 5] Raymond Fuller is doubtless in New York.
Richard Kilpatrick is reported to be somewhere on Staten Island.
Stella and Wallie Sasman are living in New Jersey.
Alfred Taylor is somewhere between here and the next world.
Joseph Kusner is in Florida.
Raymond Rubinow is probably studying in New York.
Ava Hilbert is somewhere between New York and Ohio and perhaps married.
Bernard Chernoff is in Danbury, Conn.
Dorothy McLaren probably resides somewhere west of the Alleghanies
Ernst Schleiffer has probably returned to his home in Buffalo.
Florence Erskine Teal, and Eduard J. Teal are somewhere in Ohio.
Frieda Finckle has not been heard from.
Mary Stevens is now at Barnard College, New York.
Stanley Dowley is reported to be in New Jersey.
Martin Baeadrsley is somewhere in New York.
Foster Armstrong has not been heard of.

GROUP VI [p. 6]

Florence Chaikin                  Jean Rosenthal
William Chaikin                   Herman Kutz
Joseph Budish                      Stanley Vossler

GROUP V [p. 6] Frieda Gusman                     Gesa Saroff
Anne Nederhoed                 John Fincke
Emanuel Cohen                    Heinz Hohenwald
Victor Rapkin                       Sydney Goldberg

GROUP FOUR [p. 10] Roelf Taylor                          Sascha Winnick
Gordon Linville                   Sydney Danzis
Samuel Nooger                    John Hawley

GROUP THREE [p. 10] June Lostar
Dorothy Costrell
Thomas Feigenbaum

GROUP TWO [p. 10] Ian Ballantine
Byron Linville
Abraham Nooger
Leon Rosenthal
John Thompson, Jr.
Henry Linville
Nancy Muste
Adele Lubin

GROUP ONE [p. 10] Ruth Wollman
Betty Conwit
Leon Fidler
Douglas Tompson
Jeremy Graves
David Graves

Former Student List [p. 28-29]

Helen Danzis – New York; 2 years at Manumit
Helen has visited us several times this year. She is now studying in the Ethical Culture School.
Elsie Fisher – New York; 1 and a half-years at Manumit. After a rather exciting time in Florida this fall Elsie returned to New York where she is now studying and working
Edith Fisher – New York; 1 and a half years at Manumit. Edith is now in Astoria where she is doubtless working hard at her studies in a Public High School.
Gene Carpenter – Massachusetts; 1 year and 2 months at Manumit. Gene is mow living in Boston where she attends a Public School.
Hilda Marcovitz – Massachusetts; 1 year at Manumit. Hilda too has turned into a Bostonia.
Patricia Wood – New York; 1 year at Manumit. Pat is most likely having a lovely time in White Plains.
Jeanette Krauss – New York; one-half year at Manumit.
Elizabeth Swing – 1 year at Manumit.
Grace Ross – New York; 1 year at Manumit.
Betty Lefkowitz – New York; 1 and one-half years at Manumit. Betty is now attending a school in Elmhurst.
Mary Fuller – New York; 2 years at Manumit.  Mary is studying at the “City and Country” School.
Miriam Wolfson – New York; 3 months at Manumit.  She is going to school in New York.
Pauline Bridge – New Jersey; 1 year at Manumit.
Joan Bridge – New Jersey; 1 year at Manumit.  Joan is probably with her sister.
Tessie Marshal – New York; 1 year at Manumit.  essie is attending school in White Plains.
Mary Soltis – Pennsylvanioa; 1 half year at Manumit.
Fannie Cleghorn – Flordia; 1 week at Manumit.
Eric Warbasse – New York; 1 and a half years at Manumit.  Eric is reported to be spending his days in Brooklyn.
Robert Vossler –New York; one-half year at Manumit. An agricultural school is what Bob really fancies.
Karl Belme – New York; one-half year at Manumit. After a short visit home to Porto Rico Karl returned to New York.
Edward Conger – New York; one-half year at Manumit. Ed is reported residing on a farm near here.
Wallace Rogers – France; 1 year and two weeks at Manumit. Apparently his native land is old and mild for him. He had to migrate to France to go to school.
Ivan Rosenthal – New Yuork; 1 year at Manumit. Ivan is at present a student at the Friends School
Morton Wolson – New York; 1 year at Manumit. Morton is somewhere in New York city.
Frank Maguire – New York; 1 year at Manumit.
Herbert Goldberg – New York; 1 year at Manumit. Herbert has gone into the world of competition.
Gilbert Miles – New York; 1 year at Manumit.
George Bill Patterson – Vermont; 1 year at Manumit. George came up here for a few days when school opened this year. He is most likely studying in Vermont.
Samuel Zausner – New York; 2 years at Manumit. Sam has returned to the bright lights of public school.
Samuel Pearl – New Jersey; one-half year at Manumit. Sam has returned to Stelton from whence he came.
Benjamin Fincke – New York; 2 and one-half year at Manumit. Ben is now attending a school in Connecticut.
Maurice Lefkowitz – New Yorki; one-half year at Manumit.
Eugene Soloff – New York; 2 years at Manumit. Gene does not like the public schools.
Andre Tutyshkin – Russia; one-half year at Manumit.  Andre went back to Russia.
Simon Wilson – New York; 1 and one-third years at Manumit.
Albert Swing – Ohio; 1 year at Manumit. When last heard of Albert was at Antioch College.
John Soltis – Pennsylvania; one-half year.
Robert Davidson – New York; three months.
Charles Clarke – New Jersey; one year.  Charles is doubtless attending a school in New Jersey.
Richard Clark – New Jersey; one year. Richard too is in New Jersey.
Sidney Goff – New York; three months. Sidney is in New York.