The Manumit School Historical Events and Timeline

Manumit Historical Events

Manumit Hostory

Manumit Fire

According to the fund appeal letter from the Manumit Board Fund Committee dated January 27, 1944 (quoted here in part): “On October 25th last, the newest and most important of the Manumit School buildings was completely destroyed by fire, originating from spontaneous combustion in the winter’s supply of coal.  Continue Reading

Move to Bristol, PA

Mike – Glad to add what little I know about the move. After the fire everyone took a look around at the Manumit buildings which were all of wooden construction and saw fire traps everywhere. The Mill, as you know, had been a major building. When it burned the Gym and the Main House were left, plus a number of smaller out buildings (Clark House, Ravine House). Continue Reading

The Dixon Bush Project

Last Spring the Boad, at the suggestion of Dwight Rogers, authorized the faculty to consider forming a partnership with Dixon Bush in having the active research for his Doctor of Education dissertation from New York University carried on at Manumit School. Continue Reading

Manumit Closes Its Door

Knowing of your interest in integration in our schools I beg your intercedence in what appears to be local political manipulations threatening to close Manumit School in Bristol, Pennsylvania, an interracial coeducational non-profit preparatory school, where integration has been working ideally for many years. Continue Reading

Historic Timeline

1924Reverend William Mann Fincke and his wife, Helen Hamlin, founded Manumit as a co-educational, elementary-level, non-denominational, boarding school on a working farm in Pawling, New York. [It was closely associated with a number of NYC labor unions. A. J. Muste was Chair of Manumit Associates/Board for a number of years. See “A New Community School,” The Survey, 10/15/1924 & Rev. W. M. Fincke, “Elsie Wins a Point and We Get a View of Manumit,” Labor Age, 11/1925. “an alliance of progressive labor and progressive education” See: ScottWalter, “Labor’s Demonstration School: The Manumit School for Workers’ Children, 1924-1932,” 1998. 26 pp. (ERIC: ED473025) See: Threescore: The Autobiography of Sarah N. Cleghorn (1936) p. 253-81. Cleghorn, a poet, taught at early Brookwood, then Manumit, 1924 to early 1930’s.] View Timeline