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Dear Manumit Friends,

Alas, alack, I am not able to go back. To be with you one and all, on February the twentieth. Boo. My loss. Why is life so cruel that I have to miss such an august occasion?

BUT! Okay memory lane, here we go. Do you remember way back when — was it 1954 or ’55? Someone (?) had gotten a block of tickets for us to see a real live ballet being performed in the very same theater in Trenton where we saw so many movies on Saturday nights. What a special even that was and, as you can tell, I have never forgotten that experience. I was simply spellbound by the music, the dance, and the wonder of it all. Now then, for the grand prize of whatever, what was the name of the major ballet being performed on that glorious Sunday afternoon? Ah yes, I remember it well. My point about all this is that on February 20th, on the very same day that you guys from my past will be meeting once more, I will be seeing the San Francisco Ballet performing the same dance!!!! It is the ironies in life that continue toamaze me… So — don’t be bashful, send me your answers true; no collaboration!!!!!


Apples and Love,


hi wally…thank you. way back in my memory i thought i’d been exposed to ballet. i knew it wasn’t in new york..but simply could not remember.

didn’t we go into philly for more classical exposure or was it trenton that

i remember?


Dear Sue, Wallace, and others along memory lane, I don’t remember anything about Trenton other than movies, walking around and the rides there and back. The ballet for me was in NY. Mostly at Christmas. But starting with my first year, ’52, the year before you both arrived in ’53 ?, we used to go into Philly for the Friday afternoon Eugene Ormandy concerts, then dinner (Chinese) or pizza and sometimes bowling, with much walking around. This continued off and on during my three years but my last year ’54-’55, I mostly spent afternoons at the library doing research for the senior thesis. We’d take the train back and someone would come to Langhorne with the station wagon to pick us up. Somewhere mixed into these trips were visits to earn our “I was a pig at the Greenwood Dairy” buttons, after eating a “Pig’s Dinner” from a banana split “trough” – three scoops piled high – or was it three double scoops? Wonder if any of those buttons still exist – Mike, got some buried under any stacks of yellowing Manumit records? Thanks for another trip down Memory Lane. And still hoping to arrange the Cowgirl, however brief a trip. Hildy

Ah yes, the Philly trips for the senior thesis. I remember well. I really loved my thesis and researched it arduously. It was called ‘ Religion and Corporate Interests In American Public Education’… where I found out that everyone it seems got to censor textbooks… the utilities got to brag about how important they were for the public… local politicians could insinuate personal predjudices… as a matter of fact, anyone of importance or great wealth could have a smack at it if only requested. I found amazing bull in Social Studies textbooks, History textbooks etc. I had a 18 book bibliography and I think writing that thesis got me thru college almost without working. They never gave them back, at least I never saw mine again. Would love to see it now to see if it’s the great ‘undercover news report’ I thought it to be at the time!

Dear Hildreth, Judith, Sue, John Kramer, et al, Looks like I have stumped the world. Kramer remembers the dancer (s), but not the dance; Sue hasn’t a clue about where, she just remembers when; and Hildreth got lost in the saga of Pig’s Dinner and the Philadelphia Orchestra… Virginia Smith got us the tickets to the ballet in Trenton, New Jersey, and no, that is not an oxymoron. The name of the ballet was “Fancy Free” music by Leonard Bernstein, choreographed by none other than Jerome Robbins. It is the playful story of three sailors on a short leave in New York City during the war (this ballet debuted in 1944) and they are on the prowl for girls. Quite a splashy and risque show for the times, and I found this experience completely enthralling… Anway, enough said. While you are dipping into long ago times at Manumit on February 20th, I will be doing the same by going to the ballet in San Francisco. Wish we were seeing this together… Love and Bushels, Wally/Wallace


You are half right. Fancy Free is a short ballet and there is almost always something else with it. That time it was “Rodeo” by Agnes DeMille and the dancer is Igor Youskevitch. I was in Robbins’ group when he was trying to combine eastern theatre, avant garde American theatre and movement. It was not very successful though we had a good time writhing around on the floor. I should have remembered. “Getting old is not for sissies” Bette Davis said that.

Best, JK

Hi Hildie & All……. 1952, Philly on the weekends,The Philly Sympathy, many times with John Mulferder, Me & others! I all so remember handing out campaign leaflets for the Democrats in front of Eisenhower election office. I also remember stopping at Horn & Hartart to get 2 chocolate cream pies for me, witch I (DID NOT SHARE) HA HA! This was next to the railroad station on Market st. Hildie Were you with a bunch of us to see the opening of American in Pairs? I never went into Trenton, Langhorne yes, Greenwood Dairy many many times, and many PIGS!!!! Local movies, I would drive into Bristle,I had a drivers License.One of the teachers would sign out the green van and off we would go.Thanks for the memories All the Best to all… STEVE H.

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