The spring play at Manumit was a hugh event. Everybody in the upper school was involved whether that wanted to be or not. this the play bill from 1957. The playbill was in lowercase and so it’s presented that way below.

Jean Giraudoux’s Electra

Spring Show


Presented by Manumit School

Directed by Virginia Hall Smith


stranger –  j herald

first fury –  s simmons

second fury – d martineau

third fury –   j edelman

gardener –  l haber

president – g kroiz

agatha –   e marshall

aegisthus –  j kramer

begger – s klein

servant –  r raphael

clytemnestra – k marshall

electra – d poncet

captain – a essner

young man – r gebhardt

narses’ wife  – m highley


prompter  – j poncet

lighting – a vulliet

sound and music – v zavatt


the action is continuous; the scene a courtyard outside agamemmon’s palace argos

there will be an intermission between acts

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