Christmas Thoughts 2006

Merry Christmas to all Manumitters, where ever you are. May the new year bring health, joy and more gatherings at The White Horse or The Cedars or where every we can be together to enjoy ourselves.




Dear Denise,

What a great picture! I’ve suggested to Aulay that it be posted for posterity in some form on the website, if that can be done. Maybe we need a new title besides “Reunions” for current, or “‘Now’ Photos.”

Blossom and I just came from our regular Friday evening Peace Vigil. She’s only joined me on the corner (Laurel Canyon and Ventura for anyone familiar with L.A) the last three weeks, although I’ve been there the last couple of years. This evening one of the regulars asked why she wasn’t there, so I went and got her. It was cold, so she was very seasonal in her red turtleneck sweater. Even a black Lab mix gets chilly and she didn’t have the benefit of the hot cider, one of the guys provided from his portable grilll. We often go to eat afterward and last week dinner was prepared by another regular at her home on the other end of Beverly Glen from me, followed by a “hootenanny” (five guitars, two banjos and lots of singing) – shades of Manumit’s living room on Sunday evenings. That’s the “Peace” part of my seasonal message. Hope Steve approves of our “Support the Troops. Bring them home” plea.

I’m looking forward to meeting your two friends on a future visit. Merry Christmas to all three of you.



Dear Denise,

You look gorgeous and resplendent in your Christmas smile, accompanied by your special friends. Merry Christmas and much love during this special time of the year. May many more white horses be in our future…

Love and Apples,

This is our second Holiday on line…the Mighty Manumiters… and our numbers increase…I celebrate each new connection and mourn the losses….and in this time of war and Bush I am affirmed by our numbers and our rich history and the generations who sent their kids to that Mecca of Progressive Education…I don’t think my father had an inkling of what was being offered to me but what a smart choice he made… If, in many cases, our childhoods were burdened by parental loss, ineptitude or neglect, I think Manumit gave many of us more than enough to help sustain us through the vicissitudes of life…..what warm and fine folks I am meeting again after all these years and some for the first time….and I have much gratitude for those who brave and organize our reunions and add to our on-line news, history and photo albums…. these golden years are a lot more exciting than I thought they would be….Peace and Love and Light ( and apples too)….to 2007 and our warm and wondrous crew.

Judy R.




Tossed, unpreparedly

Onto this scary, scandalous stage

Its now some fifty odd years

Since the rocking cradle

Of our sweetly seditious school


By acclimation we’ve survived

And more, succeeded, even

In a careening, careless society

Learning the ways and means

Of a world we wouldn’t have made


And now gaudy Xmas is upon us

A time for us to commune, online

Peacefully, with our Manumit thoughts

As I am thinking of you this very eve

Making the day our own and special


Have a good one all, you’ve earned it



Dear all you Manusmittens, ‘sweetly seditious’ has been humming through my consciousness all through the night. The perfect wrap for the experience itself, the feel, the ever ongoing nourishment of every Manumit morsel. JK, that was the perfect gift. (Did you ever get- (sent to your old E address)- a wee poem for the anticipated Cedar’s get together?) Thanks ‘big’ players for what you bring to those of us, ever attentive but behind the scenes, absorbers, like me. ‘Manumit thrive’ knows no bounds.. in my life it keeps on sustaining me. Jenny, your Dad left a great legacy. Merry Christmas, peace and blessings to all – and Hildy, you’re right, we are changing the world, we’re “brightening up the corner “. Denise- your priceless happy face, kicked off the season. Ruth, you are an inspiration. Special greetings to my ‘lower school’ precious buddies- (you guys) Happiness and health to every one of you, and your loved ones.




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